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A revolutionary new book that shows today's writers how to publish high quality books with worldwide distribution at a small fraction of the cost of conventional methods

by Dan Poynter
and Danny O. Snow

This month's special feature:
The Importance of Copyright Protection

Since "" was released in January '00, new information has become available in some important areas:

In the early chapters of the book, the authors discuss the advantages of electronic books in detail, as well as drawbacks.

Security concerns are among the most important. New technologies, such as Adobe's Web Buy and PDF Merchant software and the upcoming Microsoft Reader, hold the promise of making it possible to distribute electronic books online, while protecting the writer's copyright. If you are planning to publish an eBook, it is crucial to make sure that adequate copy protection is used.

Even with "industrial strength" encryption, security can present a problem for authors of books with widespread public appeal. As reported on 3/23/2000 by eBookNet, a leading online resource center for electronic books, a major development that illustrates the issue has just occurred. Click on the link below for full details:

"Hackers Decrypt PDF Version of Stephen King eBook: Pirated PDF versions of Stephen King's "Riding the Bullet" have been circulating on the Internet since March 17 ..."

Some online libraries put electronic books on the Web without adequate security. If readers can make copies of your book and give them to others without paying, you may be deprived of income you deserve. Do not allow your book to be distributed electronically, unless your copyright is fully protected!

As noted in the prefatory pages of "," the authors do not endorse specific products or service providers -- even those used to publish and distribute the book itself. As noted throughout the book, the publishing industry is now changing almost daily. The "" website is intended to keep writers informed about the latest developments, and we recommend visiting this location at least once a month for free updates, special offers, and other announcements like this one.

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