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        Claims that e-rights are owned by the publisher,
        even when they were not included in contracts

As reported by Publishers Weekly on March 5, Random House Inc.
"filed a lawsuit last week against Rosetta Books, charging
the e-book publisher startup with copyright infringement by
publishing e-book editions of several books to which Random
claims it holds the e-book rights.

"Both the National Writers Union and the Authors Guild said
they will support Rosetta's position in any way they can.
NWU president Jonathan Tasini called the suit "a brazen grab
to control rights that Random doesn't own."  The guild's
executive director, Paul Aiken, observed that "contracts are
specific in what rights are granted.  You can't suddenly
expand the definition because new ways to deliver texts are

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In a related story, writers are striking back at publishers,
using similar arguments.  In a report aired by "Marketplace"
on March 28, the door swings both ways:

"Some freelance writers ... say it's not fair that publishers
can put their work online or in other digital forms without
paying again.  Publishers say they ow[n] what they paid for.
The stakes in this dispute are rising as technology creates
new and interesting ways to repackage what had once been just
old newspaper fishwrap." 

For details, see:



        * Books dropped by MightyWords and iUniverse

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        * BookZone Chosen By OverDrive
        * To Deliver Microsoft e-Book Solutions

BookZone, a leader in development of websites for publishers,
book promotion and e-Book publishing services, has signed the
first partnership of its kind in the U.S. with OverDrive.
Through this new alliance, BookZone will be the first U.S.
application service partner to offer publishers the opportunity
to sell books directly from their sites utilizing Microsoft
Reader, a leading software application for reading e-Book
documents, manuscripts and other digital materials.

BookZone already offers e-Books in the popular PDF format.
The combination of both PDF and Microsoft Reader formats will
give e-books from its clients much wider public availability.

For more information about e-publishing with BookZone, call
800-536-6162 or e-mail epub@bookzone.com, and please mention
that you learned about them through U-Publish.com, thanks.


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Both U-Publish.com and ParaPublishing.com have been chosen for
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"Publishing Success" Magazine from WD.  (See page 60.)  This
special issue of PS covers a wealth of useful information for
authors and publishers.  To preview, see:


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        * Snow's Comments Featured in Debut Issue
        * of "Internet Publishing" Magazine

"U-Publish.com" co-author Dan Snow is quoted about the leading
formats for e-books in the premiere issue of "Internet Publish-
ing" Magazine.  To read Snow's comments online, please visit:



        * Free Legal Advice on Publishing

As the news items above demonstrate clearly, new technologies
are raising huge questions about the ownership of intellectual
property.  The field of copyright law is rapidly changing, and
it is VERY important for authors and publishers to stay informed.

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        * Quotation of the Month:

"There are no dull subjects. There are only dull writers." 

-- H.L. Mencken, writer and editor


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