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        *** Lead Story for August 2001:
        *** Courts Rule Tree-Rights not E-Rights

New York district court judge Sidney H. Stein has ruled that
Random House is not entitled to an injunction preventing Rosetta
Books from selling e-Book versions of titles on Random House's
print backlist. Random House had argued that its earlier con-
tracts for print rights covered e-rights as well.

Random House said it would appeal, but must overcome a related
ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.  In New York Times v. Tasini,
the Supreme Court ruled that print publishers such as newspapers
and magazines may not re-use material online without paying the
writer in cases where they had previously obtained only print
rights.  This ruling further establishes that online and e-rights
are separate from print rights.

U-Publish.com co-author Danny O. Snow will publish commentary
about e-rights and online piracy in the October issue of the
national newsletter of the Publishers Marking Association.

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        *** AuthorsDen Offers Free Web Exposure

According to its Web site, AuthorsDen is "about promoting
authors and sharing with readers.  Joining AuthorsDen provides
visitors the ability to discover, learn about and purchase your
works.  AuthorsDen is free and powerful.  AuthorsDen is your
primary community to share, communicate and be discovered."

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        *** BookTech Magazine Reports on EDGE~UP

The July/August issue of BookTech the Magazine for Publishers
reports on the new partnership between BookZone and Unlimited
Publishing LLC (producer of U-Publish.com in paperback) on page
14.  The new EDGE~UP package makes books available in printed
and electronic form, with broad distribution and promotion:



        *** New Feature: Horror Stories

No, we're *not* starting a fiction section!  But we do want to
hear your "Horror Stories" about independent publishing.  If you
have been the victim of a serious printing error, a ripoff or a
scam, or worst of all ... made a mistake yourself that you want
to help others avoid ... please send us your comments.  We hope
to make "Horror Stories" a regular feature at the U-Publish.com
web site, where authors and publishers can share successes --
and failures -- with fellow publishing professionals. 


        *** BookZone Launches eBook Department

BookZone, Inc., the Internet's largest provider of Web design,
development, hosting, ePublishing and online marketing services
for publishers and authors, has announced the addition this
month of an in-house Digital Conversion and eBook Technology
Department. The new department, which can provide digital
conversions to virtually any electronic publishing format,
will allow BookZone to expand its ePublishing services, now
offering every resource required for the production of eBooks
and other electronic publications.

Fore more info, contact Grant "Skip" Treaster, Marketing
Director, at 800-536-6162 or e-mail: streaster@bookzone.com


        *** Coming Next Month:
        *** Economy Slows -- Publishers React

Sure, the U.S. economy has slowed -- everybody knows it, and
publishers are reacting accordingly.  The good news is that
Poynter and Snow have long been advocates of strategies that
dramatically lower start-up costs and reduce waste.  Stay tuned
for a review of methods that help independent publishers win,
*especially* in times of economic belt-tightening.


        *** Quotation of the Month

"If at first you don't succeed, welcome to the world that
educated me."  -- Thomas Edison


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