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        *** Don't Waste Review Copies in December

Co-Author Dan Poynter reminds us that December isn't the best
time to send out unsolicited advance or review copies of books.

We have heard rumors that some may end up as holiday gifts,
rather than getting reviewed.  One story even mentions a
so-called "reviewer" who requested copies of several titles ...
and had the nerve to ask for them gift-wrapped!

Urban myth?  You decide.

Naturally, legitmate requests from members of the working press
should always be honored.  Book reviews remain perhaps the single
best way to gain exposure for books.  However, in the case of
copies sent "blind," consider waiting until January.

Related inside tip from Poynter and Snow: if you have a book
that becomes ready for public release in December, use a 2003
copyright date, instead of 2002.  Reviewers prefer "fresh" books
so don't let yours become "last year's news" just weeks after


        *** Heartland Reviews is Back

An exception to the item above comes from our friend Bob Spear:
"Our web site at www.heartlandreviews.com is finally up and
running on the new host.  I think you'll like the fact that it's
all free (no subscription required to see all the reviews present
or past).  I also think you'll like the new look."



        *** Public Speaking Sells Books
Many authors are also professional speakers.  Public speaking
engagements are a GREAT way to gain exposure for a book.
An added benefit is that audience members often purchase
books directly from the author at live events, allowing you to
retain percentages normally taken by middlemen.

By virtue of writing a book, you may be considered an authority
in your field.  Public and private institutions want expertise
like this, when they select speakers.

Speaker Services provides a web directory that brings speakers
and audiences together, and published authors often have an
advantage, thanks to their added credibility.  For details:



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        *** Reminder:
        *** Get Weight Loss Stories in Print
        *** Send your story for possible inclusion

Book planned for people who want to/have tried to/need to lose
weight, from people who have "walked the walk."  Submit your
story to RobertBrents@RobertBrents.com or see:



        *** Ippy Award Entries Discounted until 12/15

The seventh annual "IPPY" Awards, conducted annually to honor
the year's best independently published titles, will accept
entries until April 1, 2003, for books with 2002 copyrights or
that were released in 2002.

An "early bird" discount for online registration runs through
December 15.  For details, see:



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Inside tip from Poynter & Snow:
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