*** "U-Pdate" for June 2001:
        *** Report from Book Expo America

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        *** Report from BEA 2001

The world's largest annual gathering of publishing industy pros
was held in Chicago, May 30 through June 3.  If you couldn't
attend, U-Publish.com is happy to provide highlights.

Thousands of publishers and representatives from related fields
such as printing, computer hardware and software, distribution,
marketing, etc. converged on Chicago, with a flurry of new
products and announcements for publishing colleagues.  To cite
just a few:

* The Book Industry Study Group (see BISG.org) announced that
a study has shown an overall decline in book sales during 2000
of 3.3%.  Steeper drops were seen in key areas such as trade
paperbacks (14.2%) and hardcovers (12.9%) last year.  Once
again, the importance of promotion and marketing can be seen,
and these areas will be expanded in the upcoming third edition
of "U-Publish.com" due out soon in paperback from Unlimited
Publishing, and as an e-Book from BookZone.

* Soft Skull Press announced that it would re-issue "Fortunate
Son," the controversial biography of George W. Bush that was
pulled from the shelves previously, in the wake of litigation
and alleged governmental pressure.

* ContentGuard announced that Digital Goods will refer its
e-Book content providers to ContentGuard for continued service,
following the termination of e-Book distribution at Digital
Goods in May.

* OverDrive announced the opening of its new eBook Technology
Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

* BookZone announced a new partnership with Unlimited Publishing
(producer of the current edition of "U-Publish.com") to provide
a comprehensive package of services for the publication and
promotion of both printed and electronic books from independent

* U-Publish.com co-author Dan Poynter announced the publication
of his latest book, "The Older Cat."  He has also finessed a
virtual lock on Web domain names related to feline gerontology.

To review a wide variety of press releases from BEA 2001, visit
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        *** eBookNet to Return as eBookWeb

Glenn Sanders and Wade Roush, former editors of eBookNet (which
was closed by GemStar in April) have been working hard to start
a new, next-generation e-Book site.  On July 4, they will launch
eBookWeb, a central source for news and information on all
aspects of electronic publishing and a community center for e-Book
enthusiasts and industry professionals.

U-Publish.com subscribers can get a sneak preview by visiting the
new introductory page at:


This site is highly recommended to authors and publishers who
are interested in e-Books and devices for reading them.  Don't
forget to add this site to your list of "favorites" or "book-
marks" prior to the offical kickoff in July.


        *** Under New Management

"Buy Books on the Web" has recently changed its name to Infinity
Publishing and expanded its services for independent publishers.
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        *** Guest Editorials

We're pleased to introduce another new -- and free -- feature
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        *** Quotation of the Month

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands
of fools.  Let's start with typewriters." 

-- Solomon Short 

"And word processors!"

-- Dan Snow

The quotation from our last issue has now been attributed to
Mark Twain: "I apologize for the length of this letter, but I
didn't have time to make it shorter."  Thanks to our readers
for helping to track it down.


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