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*** BEA Buzz ***

Thousands converged, Bill Clinton keynoted, George Carlin clowned,
and much more... Too many items for one newsletter!

See http://www.u-publish.com/bea2004.htm for details.


*** PMA-U Pulse ***

PMA held its annual Publishing University in Chicago, June 1-3.
The opportunities for education and networking were outstanding.

To cite just one example, national buyers for Barnes & Noble,
Borders and ABA Independents gave a workshop showing how to get
your books stocked in stores -- a learning experience with huge
benefits for those who attended.  To illustrate...

"Almost 99% of books we stock are fully-returnable," said one
national buyer.  This demonstrated that non-returnable books
(including those from most POD publishers) have little chance
of getting stocked.  "The only non-returnable books we stock
are special items like holiday books," said another.

All three buyers warned that guerilla marketing tactics can
backfire, like ordering your own book from stores to inflate
apparent demand.  Poynter and Snow have already gone on record
against gimmicks like this, and the national buyers confirmed
our position in their workshop.

Lessons like these are invaluable to the small publisher or
self-publishing author.  Don't miss PMA-U next year!


*** Creative Self-Publishing in the World Marketplace ***

Co-author Dan Poynter calls it "An essential companion to the
Self-Publishing Manual."

Co-author Dan Snow adds, "Just one effective tip from a book
like this can save the reader many times the cost of buying it."

Marshall Chamberlain's long-awaited book is out.  FMI visit:



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*** New Report Shows "More is Less" ***

A recent press release reads:

"NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-May 27, 2004-R.R. Bowker
today released statistics on U.S. book publishing compiled from
its Books In Print database.  Based on preliminary figures,
Bowker is projecting that U.S. title output in 2003 increased
a staggering 19% to 175,000 new titles and editions, the highest
total ever recorded."

The stats were skewed by POD vanity presses that continued to
flood the market with thousands of marginal releases in 2003.
The report continued:

"51% of all new titles published in 2003 by the three largest
print-on-demand publishers were fiction, poetry or drama.
These categories accounted for 57% of all titles published
since 1998 by the same POD houses."

It is certainly possible to publish a quality book using POD.
The paperback edition of "U-Publish.com" is printed this way;
we're very satified, and hope you are too.  On the other hand,
companies that release largely unedited books, many of which
contain frequent errors in spelling and grammar or amateurish
Word-to-PDF typesetting, give POD a bad name.  Let's hope that
2004 sees greater emphasis on quality rather than quantity in
the POD world!


*** Call for Submissions: Mona Schreiber Prize ***

Writers of comedic essays, articles, short stories, poetry,
shopping lists and other forms are invited to submit.
Works up to 750 words in length should be typed, double-spaced,
accompanied by a money order or check for $5 to cover admin
costs, payable to "The Mona Schreiber Prize."  Multiple entries
permitted but each must pay a separate fee.  Put contact info
on the first page.

No SASE needed. Include e-mail for notification of winners.
All entries must be postmarked by December 1 for a December 24
announcement of three winners: 1st: $500. 2nd: $250. 3rd: $100.
All receive copies of What Are You Laughing At?: How to Write
Funny Screenplays, Stories and More by Brad Schreiber.

Entries are not returned and must be unpublished. Humor is
subjective.  Uniqueness is suggested.  Weirdness is encouraged.

The Mona Schreiber Prize for Humorous Fiction and Non-Fiction
11362 Homedale Street, Los Angeles, CA 90049.


*** "Hard Times" Writing Contest ***

1st Prize: $500, 2nd Prize: $350, 3rd Prize: $250

Deadline: postmarked by July 15, 2004.  Write about a difficult
experience in your life, how you overcame this obstacle, and how
it changed you.  Winning stories will be chosen for originality 
and creative writing style.

Stories should be previously unpublished, and should not exceed
5,000 words (double-spaced, 12 point font).  Multiple submissions
OK.  Your name, address, phone and title of work should appear
on a cover sheet.  Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope
for critique and list of winners, and reading fee of $18 per
entry.  The Writers' Workshop, Hard Times, 387 Beaucatcher Road,
Asheville, N.C.  28805.


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major retailers.


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