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        *** LAST CALL: Advance Orders for New Edition

To the many subscribers who placed advance orders for the up-
coming third edition last month: Thanks!  Response has been
even better than expected!  For those who have not yet ordered,
please see the special offer at the bottom of this page.


        *** Snow's article reviewed

Co-Author Danny O. Snow's "e-Rights Update" that ran in the
October 2001 issue of the PMA newsletter has been reviewed at:



        *** Corporations Buy Books!

According to veteran book promoter, John Kremer:
"Think you have a book that would appeal to corporate gift buyers?
Then here's a list for you: 140,000 corporate gift buyers -- from
Dunhill International List Co., 1951 NW 19th Street, Boca Raton
FL 33431; 561-347-0200; 800-386-4455; Fax: 561-347-0400.
Email: sales@dunhills.com -- Web: http://www.dunhills.com"



        *** Self-Publishers Weekly

Marshall Chamberlain is studying the possibility of launching
a new online magazine.  He is looking for a qualified editor-
in-chief, initially on a volunteer basis.  For info, contact
mchamberlain@self-publishersweekly.com or preview the site at:



        *** Easy Way to Accept Credit Cards

"QUICKBOOKS now contains the software to process charge card
transactions. With the leverage of their customer-base, they've
set up with Chase and Wells Fargo as service providers at rates
impossible to beat.  All the hassle, set-up, and monthly,
rental-fee costs are gone—there's no equipment to rent or use,
just QUICKBOOKS.  You send a "payment receipt form" you fill
out in QUICKBOOKS for a purchase via the Internet with a click
of the "send button."  It goes to the merchant service provider
you have chosen, and you get back almost instantly an e-mail
authorization code for that purchase.

"Then you send a paid invoice as a receipt, by e-mail from
the QUICKBOOKS software, to your purchaser telling him or her
how and when to expect delivery.  All your communications are
done in QUICKBOOKS, and the accounting aspects are handled
automatically."  See http://www.quickbooks.com

-- Reported by Marshall Chamberlain


        *** Warren Adler Supports e-Books

As reported in his latest "E-Sheet," writer Warren Adler says:

"Contrary to what the media [have] been saying, eBooks are
becoming more and more popular. A number of colleges, for
example, have done away with textbooks completely and are using
digitized eBooks as the mandatory textbook of choice.  This
phenomenon is also accelerating in the legal, business and
medical professions and is starting to make inroads in the
grade school and adult reading markets as well."



        *** BookSurge to Publish "FreeBook"

BookSurge will publish "Steal this e-Book!" by co-author Dan
Snow in mid-2002, with contributions by Richard Oien Nash,
Dan Poynter and Wade Roush.  This collection of letters and
articles about electronic publishing and electronic rights will
be released as an e-Book and a paperback.  The e-Book will
be FREE; the paperback priced at $12.99.  A retrospective
look at the evolution of e-Books from ancient times (1999)
to the present, "Steal this e-Book!" is expected out as early
as mid-April, 2002.



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        *** Public Appearances for 2002

Dan Poynter is criss-crossing North America to spread the word
about eBooks, treeBooks, digital printing and The New Book
Publishing Model.  For more info: DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com

Dan Snow will speak on the panel titled "How POD Can Fatten
Your Bottom Line" at PMA University in NYC on May 2:

        e-mail: rick@pma-online.org

Snow will also cover BookExpo America 2002 for BookTech
Magazine.  BEA will be in New York at the Jacob Javitts Center
from May 3-5, 2002:


As always, when you contact organizations featured in our
bulletins, kindly mention that you were referred to them by
Poynter and Snow from U-Publish.com.


        *** Numbers Don't Lie

A recent announcement from a company that has been termed a
"vanity press" in Publishers Weekly boasted about the printing
of its 500,000th book.  Yet the very same announcement also
stated that the company "currently has almost 10,000 titles
by more than 8,000 authors."

Simply dividing 500,000 books by 10,000 titles paints quite
a picture of how many copies of each book have been printed
to date ... over a period of years!

If you are considering publishing a book with a vanity or
subsidy press, read the fine print and COMPARE before you
sign or send money.  There are substantial differences in
companies that publish books for a fee.



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Please feel free to forward copies of this bulletin to your
fellow authors and publishers.  This is a free service that is
available to all publishing professionals on request.


        *** Quotation of the Month:

"I apologise for the length of my letter; I didn't have time to
write a shorter one."

Great advice for writers, paraphrased from Blaise Pascal's
classic comment about economy of language.


        *** Third Edition Coming Early in 2002

"U-Publish.com 3.0" is due out shortly, in both paperback and
e-Book formats.  If you liked the first or second edition, you
will LOVE the new one!  It will include expanded sections on
selling books directly to readers for better earnings, many new
tips and tricks for online promotion, extensive lists of contacts
that will be updated regularly on the Web, and the latest on Dan
Poynter's "New Book Model" for independent publishers.

The paperback will remain $14.99 to the general public ... but
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Dan Snow, U.Publish.com
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