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        *** U-PubDATE for MARCH 2003 ***

        *** Freebie for "U-PubDATES" Subscribers

Subscribers are invited to attend one of the nation's premiere
events for the publishing industry, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Co-author Dan Snow will moderate a panel of experts discussing
"Independent and Small Publisher Trends & Technologies" at Book-
Tech 2003 on March 4 at the New York Hilton, 335 Avenue of the
Americas (6th Avenue) in NYC, 10019, tel 212-586-7000.

Panelists include Ram Devineni of Rattapallax Press, John
Feldcamp, Founder and CEO of Xlibris, PMA board member Florrie
Kichler of Patria Press, and Andrew Pate, VP for publisher
business development of Lightning Source.

Bring a copy of this e-mail, and get FREE admission to our
panel and the BookTech Expo.

In recent years, BookTech has expanded its offerings for small
and indie publishers.  For more information, visit:



        *** Reach Literary Agents

See http://www.absolutewrite.com for a list of more than 180
agents who are seeking manuscripts.


        *** Poynter Announces "Books 201"

You've no doubt heard about co-author Dan Poynter's workshops,
which have helped thousands of authors and publishers get started.
Now he is starting a new course for the experienced independent

If you are a publisher or published author, this power-packed
intensive will accelerate your sales, and propel your book to
broader exposure.

You will discover how to use innovative techniques and pioneering
technology to promote your book.  Dan will share the secrets of
non-traditional book sales, electronic promotion and promoting
with articles.  Automating your promotion will save you time and

To find out when Dan is coming to your area, see the Speaking
Calendar at http://parapub.com/calendar.cfm 


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        *** Get Interviewed on Radio-TV

Radio-TV Interview Report maintains a database of 6,000-plus
experts who are available for interviews.  They send an e-mail
newsletter to hundreds of producers, recommending experts for
commentary on "hot" topics each week.

While "U-PubDATES" does not endorse products and services,
co-author Dan Snow observed the results in January, when the
author of a book about raising teenagers was mentioned in RTIR's
newsletter as a source of expert commentary about the popularity
of "The Simpsons" among teens.  Within 48 hours, the author was
invited for interviews with four or more radio stations.

By virtue of authoring a book, you may be considered an expert
in your field.  Visit http://www.rtir.com for more information
about getting registered in RTIR's database of guests for radio
and TV broadcasts.


        *** BookMan Marketing Services

A new service from BookMan Marketing assists authors and
publishers in promoting to independent bookstores, gift shops,
restaurant chains and other outlets based on subject matter;
scheduling signings at above; book listing and order processing
at their web site; and order fulfillment for above.

Terms: author gets 60% of cover price, paid monthly, for books
ordered by retailers or consumers.  Orders are returnable.

Example: 200 pp paperback with $15 cover price.  BookMan sells
to retailers and consumers, and pays the author $9 per sale.
They handle order fulfillment costs to the buyer, as well
as expenses for returns, if any.  The author pays only to
ship books to BookMan as needed.

Initial cost: starts at $399 plus a monthly fee of $20.  They
also need a minimum of 10 copies to get started.  A typical
campaign takes less than 45 days to complete.  Cancel anytime



"I never said writing your book would be easy.  I only promised
it would be worth it."

-- Co-author Dan Poynter 


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        *** Reminder from February:

The editor of a new online journal writes:

"Poetrylist is a literary journal based in Maryland whose goal
is to give writers of poetry, both beginners and professionals,

"Poetrylist at this time reaches 400 subscribers from over 24
different nations.   The newsletter is sent out on the fifteenth
of every month.

"To subscribe, e-mail poetrylist_editor@yahoo.com for more info.
Poetrylist is currently looking for staff members, both editorial
and technical."


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