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*** NYT Slams POD Books -- Again

On February 29, the New York Times reported that Borders is
branching into self-publishing using print-on-demand technology.
Borders works with Xlibris: $199 will buy production of 10
paperback copies, and $499 will get book an International
Standard Book Number, a listing on Borders.com and room for five
copies on shelf at Borders's Philadelphia store.  Marketing,
promotion and publicity options are either bundled or sold
separately as add-ons.

Reading between the lines, the report seems to infer that POD
is merely a medium for vanity publishing.  However, more and
more real publishers are now using POD to produce quality books
by professional writers.  To cite just a few: Bantam Doubleday
Dell, Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press,
Farrar Straus & Giroux, Grove Atlantic Press, McGraw-Hill,
NYU Press, Oxford University Press, Penguin Putnam, Random
House, Scholastic Books... and more.

See talking points from Dan Snow's January 20 interview at
VoiceAmerica.com for reasons why POD is also effective for
books with proven history of readership:



*** Tips for Media Coverage and Live Events

To cultivate radio and TV interviews, post your credentials at

At the Publishers Weekly site, there is a also free area where
you can list your live appearances:

Visit http://www.publishersweekly.com/index.asp and click on
"Industry Resources," then following the link that reads "To
submit your events, click here."

-- Tips courtesy of Brian Jud: http://www.bookmarketingworks.com


*** Free Admission to BookTech Expo for Subscribers

BookTech Conference & Expo
EXPO: March 15-16, 2004
New York Hilton
1335 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd floor
(6th Ave between 53rd and 54th)

Join more than 3,500 of your colleagues in book publishing and
print production. Learn about the industry's publishing,
production, prepress, design and printing and manufacturing

Attend the Expo for free.  Simply register onsite and reference
VIP Code: BTM-1.  Please mention that you were invited through
the "U-PubDATES" newsletter from Poynter & Snow!


*** Free Subscription to Publishing Basics Newsletter


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*** Ghost Stories Wanted

Ginnie Bivona of Atriad Press is looking for new stories: "Our
next Haunted Encounters release will feature true experiences
with departed family and friends. Deadline is June 1, 2004. 
Check our web site for submission guidelines."



*** Buzz Your Book

Class helps authors get buzz for books, ficiton and non-ficiton.
It's a six week online class, starting the last monday in April:


-- Tip Courtesy of M.J. Rose: http://www.mjrose.com


*** ABC Contest for Juvenile Fiction

If you write for children, or have always wanted to, now is your 
chance to put that story on paper and win a fabulous prize.

The winning story will be polished with an editor, illustrated,
put into book form, 5,000 copies printed, a marketing plan
created, and a national public relations campaign launched:


-- Tip courtesy of Rita Mills: http://www.thebookconnection.com


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