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        *** Grace Publishing Offers Free Preview

"Creative Self-Publishing in the World Marketplace" is a new
book from The Grace Publishing Group.  Author and publisher
background information, a free review "Mini-Book," and an
explanation of purchase options can be found at the publisher's
Web Site: http://www.gracepublishing.org

If you decide to order, or contact the publishers, kindly
mention that you were referred from U-Publish.com, thanks!


        *** Design Center Seeks Books for Review

The Design Center was established online in 1994 on both eWorld
and the Internet. That "center" has evolved into a family of
inter-connected web sites, under the Graphic Design Network,
with content for and by practicing professionals and
amateurs in the visual arts, and communication arts fields.

If you have book in one of these areas, pls see the item below.
They welcome author contact, and email interviews. (They send
the questions, you reply with the answers.)

Contact Jennifer Robertson, Reviews Coordinator, by e-mail:
reviews@graphic-design.com and please mention that you were
referred from U-Publish.com, thanks.

Or visit http://www.design-bookshelf.com/bookster.html


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        *** BookZone Chosen for Egypt's e-Book Future

BookZone, Inc. has been selected to assist in creating an
eLibrary and ePublishing system for the Egyptian Ministry of
Communications and Information, in collaboration with the
Ministry of Education's new "Smart School Project." Considering
Egypt's tradition of educational excellence and innovation,
the project is a logical step forward in embracing the
technological advancements of the 21st century. Quick to
recognize the advantages of ePublishing, the Egypt school
system will initially focus on educating both students and
parents about eBooks.  Details: http://www.bookzone.com

BookZone will distribute the upcoming e-Book version of
"U-Publish.com," due out early in 2002.


        *** December 2001 Bulletin Delayed

This bulletin was delayed due a rash of e-mail viruses that
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        *** Co-Author to Speak at BookTech 2002

Danny O. Snow will speak about POD publishing technologies at
BookTech 2002, running February 11-13 at the New York Hilton.

The conference offers four concurrent tracks: Strategists and
Managers; Small and Independent Publishers; eBooks; and Work-
flow Solutions.

For more info, visit http://east.booktechexpo.com and please
mention that you were referred by Dan Snow from U-Publish.com.


        *** LOC features POD and e-Books Online

The Library of Congress Science Division's Midday Lecture Series
on Monday, December 10th addressed public interest in e-Books
and Print-on-Demand technologies, and how they effect authors
and publishers.  The talk was videotaped and should be available
for viewing soon on the Library of Congress website.  Check this
location for more information, due out soon:



        *** Horror Stories

Have you been the victim of a printing error, a ripoff or a
scam, or worst of all ... made a mistake yourself that you want
to help others avoid?  Please send us your comments.  We hope
to make "Horror Stories" a regular feature at the U-Publish.com
web site, where authors and publishers can share successes --
and failures -- with fellow publishing professionals. 


        *** Third Edition Coming Early in 2002

"U-Publish.com 3.0" is due out next year, in both paperback and
e-Book formats.  If you liked the first or second edition, you
will LOVE the new one!  It will include expanded sections on
selling books directly to readers for better earnings, many new
tips and tricks for online promotion, extensive lists of contacts
that will be updated regularly on the Web, and the latest on Dan
Poynter's "New Book Model" for independent publishers.

The paperback will remain $14.99 to the general public ... but
stay tuned here to learn how subscribers to this newsletter can
place advance orders at a special discount.  We appreciate your
participation in our online community, and want to give you the
best deal possible, as a gesture of thanks. 


        *** Quotation of the Month

"My books are water; those of the great geniuses are wine --
but everybody drinks water."

-- Mark Twain


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        *** Closing Words for our Subscribers

Dan Poynter and Dan Snow would like to wish each and every one
of our subscribers best wishes for the holiday season, and a
bright new year ahead.  For many authors and publishers, 2001
has been a challenging year.  Developments in the publishing
industry, and the world at large, have had a painful impact on
the world of books.  At the same time, the methods we advocate
will help you compete more effectively in a down market, and
turn challenges into opportunities.  We stand ready to help
in 2002, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be of
service.  You are the reason we're here.  Thank you for the
confidence you place in us, and accept our warm regards.  See
you next year!


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