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A revolutionary book that shows today's authors and publishers how to produce and promote high quality books at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods, using the latest technologies.

by Dan Poynter
and Danny O. Snow

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NAIP Reviews "U-Publish.com"

from Publisher's Report,
Newsletter of the Nat'l Ass'n of Independent Publishers
September 28, 2000

Excerpts from the NAIP review by Dr. Tag Powell, world lecturer, author of over 20 books, CEO of Top Of The Mountain Publishing, publisher of the eBook Newsletter and past president of the Florida Publishers Association:

This is a short, to-the-point primer for the [high tech] publishing business. It should be read by writers, authors, publishers and distributors alike. Small to medium-sized publishers will find this book an eye-opener. Executives of the major publishers should read this short [book] just to keep up to speed on what's happening in the industry.

*Chapter One covers "Why do writers write?" "Why do publishers publish?"

*Chapter Two explains "Why self publish?" Publishers who have a couple of books on the market may find the first couple of chapters a bit ho-hum; but remember, this is a primer and it is meant to get everyone on the same playing field. Besides, the chapters are short, informative reading.

*Chapter Three gets to the Electronic Publishing, ePublishing. You will learn about eBooks. The pros and cons are covered. It touches on the many different formats, major security measures and what companies are trying to supply the needs.

*Chapter Four leads ePublishing in to the POD (Print-On-Demand Publishing). When you read this book, you will understand why POD is in the eBook category. Yes, you can now publish a book . . . one book at a time, and it can now be a good, professional-looking edition. No inventory publishing.

*Chapter Five covers PQN (Print Quantify Needed). This chapter explores a new short-run medium to print from 100 to 3000 book paper books. Got a slow moving book? Print only 100 at a time.

*Chapter Five is followed by an 11-page "eBook and POD Services Resources Guide." This is a typical Dan Poynter treasure. Dan's resource lists are worth their weight in gold. All the needed info is here . . . The name, eMail address (interactive) and what they do. The resource lists has a section of "Short Run and Demand Printers" with their phone numbers.

*Chapter Six speaks of Adobe systems and PDF eBooks. Adobe is the granddaddy of the eBook business. If you don't know about the Adobe and Acrobat programs, you should.

*Chapter Seven is the Poynter Promotion Plan. If you know Dan's works, like his best-selling "Self-Publishing Manual," you know he is an excellent planner, and this chapter is no exception. A short, step-by-step plan to promote your eBook.

*Chapter Eight deals with Online Promotion. Promotion, promotion, promotion is the name of the game. With a little effort, you can do a good job on a shoestring budget. You will learn things like the "secret" press box. Learn how to use eGallys. And much more. The chapter closes with another excellent resources guide for "Promotion and Market Services."

["U-Publish.com," while not an eBook itself,] certainly demonstrates some of the really unique features possible with an eBook. "The Resources Guide" has a Web page link which always has the latest information. As the information on these lists is so changeable, the automatic update of data is a nice feature. Another example of the living eBook: as the eBook industry is rapidly transforming this book also updates. The first publication was January of this year. The second edition has a wealth of new material. My guess is the third edition is on the way. With an eBook you can offer updates for a fee or for free for a specific length of time ... Computer books are perfect for this type of marketing. Although an ongoing saga or a mystery with a "Clue" type ending might work. Or market the Steven King idea: offer the eBook in two sections.

"[U-Publish.com:] How Individual Writers Can Now Effectively Compete with the Giants of the Publishing Industry" by Dan Poynter and Dan Snow is a very good, easy-to-read, basic primer for [high tech] publishing. If you are interested [in] an alternative way to get your book(s) out there, this book will get you started in the right direction. The authors are the alternative publishing guru, Dan Poynter, and marketing master Dan Snow.

Publisher's notes:

As explained above, lists of contact information in the book are regularly updated at http://www.u-publish.com/contacts.htm for your convenience in obtaining the most current information.

Items above in [square brackets] are comments from the publisher.

Publisher's Report is the by-subscription, email-only newsletter of the National Association of Independent Publishers. For more information about this useful service, please visit http://www.publishersreport.com.

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