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Join us in a prayer for the victims of the attacks in NYC and DC
                  -- and for world peace.


        *** NIST to host EBOOK 2001 on November 5-7:

According to the National Institute of Standards & Technology,
"New technologies are becoming part of the daily life of
publishing, creating broad new vistas and new opportunities,
and overcoming earlier disappointment created by unrealistic

"The Federal Government's adoption of e-book and e-learning
technology may turn out to be a 'killer ap,' as was the case
with the introduction into widespread use of the Internet &
Personal Computers.

"This year's conference draws speakers and attendees from both
the content supplier and end-user communities."

The event is open to authors, publishers and readers of e-books
on November 5-7, 2001 - Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC

For more info, see: http://www.nist.gov/ebook2001


        *** Frankfurt Book Fair Concludes

Frankfurt, Germany - October 9 - The grandfather of all world
book fairs was an occasion when the international publishing
community drew closer together.  In the face of current political
developments, the Book Fair proved to be an important global
trading centre between cultures and a venue for dialogue.

For details, see: http://www.frankfurt-book-fair.com


        *** Commentary on e-Rights published by PMA

"U-Publish.com" co-author Danny O. Snow has published commentary
about electronic rights and online piracy in the October issue
of the national newsletter of the Publishers Marking Association:


To join PMA (highly recommended) contact info@pma-online.org and
kindly mention that you were referred from the "U-Publish.com"
web site, thanks.


        *** New Feature: Horror Stories

The following item was submitted by subscriber Nick Russell,
in response to last month's call for horror stories from
authors and publishers.  It illustrates the importance of
careful proof reading -- especially headlines!

"This publishing horror story isn't about books, but goes back
to my days as a community newspaper publisher in Arizona.  We
lived in a resort area in the northern part of the state that
was popular with desert dwellers trying to escape the intense
summer heat.  On summer weekends, especially holiday weekends,
traffic in our small town could become a nightmare as visitors 
doubled and even tripled the population. 

"The Arizona highway patrol is called the Department of Public
Safety.  Just before one 4th of July weekend, they asked me to
print a story telling readers that extra DPS officers were
being brought to town to crack down on traffic violators, with
a zero-tolerance policy on anybody caught driving under the
influence of alcohol ...
"... I had a friend who was a DPS officer, and I asked him to
pose next to his patrol car for a photograph to illustrate the
story ...  I sure heard about it when our front page newspaper
story hit the street with a photo of my officer friend standing 
next to his police car under a bold headline informing the
community that the 'Department of Pubic Safety' would be
watching them this weekend!"

-- Nick Russell

Author of "Meandering Down The Highway, A Year On The Road With
Fulltime RVers" and "Work Your Way Across The USA, You Can
Travel and Earn A Living Too!"

Have you been the victim of a printing error, a ripoff or a
scam, or worst of all ... made a mistake yourself that you want
to help others avoid?  Please send us your comments.  We hope
to make "Horror Stories" a regular feature at the U-Publish.com
web site, where authors and publishers can share successes --
and failures -- with fellow publishing professionals. 


        *** Snow to speak at BookTech 2002

Danny O. Snow will speak about new publishing technologies at
BookTech 2002, running February 11-13 at the New York Hilton.

The conference offers four concurrent tracks: Strategists and
Managers; Small and Independent Publishers; eBooks; and Work-
flow Solutions.

For more info, visit http://east.booktechexpo.com


        *** Snow interviewed for CLMP Newswire

"U-Publish.com" co-author Danny O. Snow was interviewed by the
Council for Literary Magazines and Presses for its October 15
newswire.  Snow spoke about how some publishers are finding
new opportunities during difficult times, and how new methods
for publishing and promotion help reduce the impact of book
returns and other challenges traditionally faced by publishers.

Issued on the 1st and 15th of each month, the CLMP Newswire
is available to CLMP members at no charge and to non-members
for $12 per year.  Email newswire@clmp.org for more info and
please mention you learned about CLMP from "U-Publish.com" by
Dan Poynter and Danny O. Snow.


        *** Third Edition Coming Early in 2002

"U-Publish.com 3.0" is due out next year, in both paperback and
e-Book formats.  If you liked the first or second edition, you
will LOVE the new one!  It will include expanded sections on
selling books directly to readers for better earnings, many new
tips and tricks for online promotion, extensive lists of contacts
that will be updated regularly on the Web, and the latest on Dan
Poynter's "New Book Model" for independent publishers.

The paperback will remain $14.99 to the general public ... but
stay tuned here to learn how subscribers to this newsletter can
place advance orders at a special discount.  We appreciate your
participation in our online community, and want to give you the
best deal possible, as a gesture of thanks. 


        *** Quotation of the Month

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and
rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth
the writing."

-- Benjamin Franklin


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