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As advocates for anyone who wants to self-publish a book, Poynter and Snow are pleased to provide a growing number of free offers and special deals, exclusively for our community.

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  • Get a free voicemail number at that forwards faxes and voice messages to you by e-mail at NO cost. Receive faxes and voicemails online from any location in the world, without paying for long distance -- a feature that is especially helpful for international authors who want a U.S. presence! For a whopping $2 per month (plus 6 cents per minute), add toll-free service from for extra benefits.

  • Learn how to publish e-Books for the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and other smartphones, with NO up-front cost, and minimal technical hassle or paperwork. Preview an exciting new mobile publishing affiliate program to learn more.

  • Download a free copy of Steal this e-Book! (an irreverent collection of articles and letters about the early days of e-publishing) for the iPhone, Kindle, Sony e-Reader or desktop computer.

  • Download Book Cover Design for Beginners: a seven minute audio report at no cost. Get more public attention, avoid common problems, generate more sales.

  • Visit Premium Book Company, which sells non-fiction books to non-bookstore buyers on a commission-only, non-returnable basis. PBC will place your book in a catalog that goes to 1800 sales people who sell to corporations, associations, schools, etc. The set-up fee is $200 for the first title. PBC buys books from you 1,000 or more at a time at 60% off the list price to fill orders. Bonus: use the promotional code "SNOW" and get a $25 discount on the setup fee.

  • Last but not least, get a free subscription to our newsletters, The Savvy Self-Publisher and Publishing Poynters. Get tips and tricks, book business buzz, and news you can actually use each month.

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    for new freebies and special deals, coming soon!

  • Disclosures:

    The mobile publishing affiliate program is sponsored by our publisher, Unlimited Publishing LLC, which receives a 5% commission from e-Book sales. (The commission is paid by the vendor, NOT the author or publisher.)

    Others give us modest incentives and bonuses for spreading the word about their services, but we ALWAYS require that our referrals get the best possible rates in order to be listed.

    These special deals are available EXCLUSIVELY to those who use the links on this page. They're our way of thanking you for your interest in our book, and our Web site.

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