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Do you have stories to pass along to your children, grandkids... or the whole world?

The nonprofit Career Resource Center of Brown County, Indiana, is now offering exciting new classes for people who have a book inside them, just waiting to get out. Whether you've already written a book, are currently writing one, or are simply dreaming of writing one in the future, these courses are ideal for you.

The first is "Self-Publish a Paperback at Little or No Cost." It consists of four weekly classes covering topics from preparation of manuscripts in Word format for self-publication, to actual printing of books at and Amazon's, to methods for developing an audience for a self-published book after publication.

The second is "Self-Publish an eBook at Little or No Cost," showing you how to publish on Amazon's 'Kindle Direct Publishing' and to make your story available to readers worldwide, without spending a dime. Unlike paperbacks, eBooks can be as short as just a few pages, or more than 100,000 words long.

The video below is a free 13 minute preview of the paperback course, also available as a Webinar series that you can watch at home, starting on the first Tuesday of each month:

Your book does NOT need to be fully written to learn the techniques in these courses. Bring your manuscript, finished or unfinished, to each class on a flash drive, laptop or tablet computer in Microsoft Word format. This will allow you to apply the methods explained during classes in real life. Basic (but not advanced) skills using Word are needed for best results.

Each course will emphasize what we call "Do-it-Yourself-Publishing" with low-to-no investment, versus paying a vanity press hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars.

In 2012, 17 of Amazon's top 100 sellers in the UK were self-published. In 2013, Amazon announced that fully 25% of its top 100 e-Books debuted at Kindle Direct Publishing. This timely new course from the CRC brings a hot international trend close to home.

Many students from previous classes have already been published on Amazon without spending a dime -- you can too!

The cost is just $75 for four weekly classes. You may attend live classes any Tuesday or Thursday each week at 6 pm by appointment only; please call 206-666-5484 or e-mail to reserve a seat beforehand.

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