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Danny O. Snow on new technologies for authors and publishers
In addition to collaborating with Dan Poynter on the book titled U-Publish.com, Harvard graduate Danny O. Snow has been widely quoted about new publishing and communication technologies by major print and broadcast media, including AP, NPR, UPI, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, the nationally-syndicated "Ask Heloise" radio show and many others.

Snow is known as one of the earliest traditional book publishers to embrace e-Books, print-on-demand and new media that empower writers to reach readers more directly.

In 2008, he was named a Senior Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research (Palo Alto, California, USA), a global think tank dedicated to the advanced study of new and emerging media. In 2009, he was elected to a two year term on the board of directors of the Independent Book Publishers Association, serving thousands of publishing firms across North America and around the world.

He has appeared as a speaker and moderator at many national publishing events such as Book Expo America, IBPA's "Publishing University" and the North American Publishing Company's "PrintMedia" expos.

As a journalist, Snow has served as a contributing editor for BookTech: The Magazine for Publishers and written scores of articles for a variety of print and electronic media, including Publishers Weekly, IBPA's award-winning The Independent magazine, and The New Communications Review. He is currently the editor / publisher of a new worldwide e-Book series, Self-Publisher's Monthly.

Below are links to selected articles and commentary by Snow on new technologies and recent trends in the publishing industry. Each link below will open a new window; simply close new window to return here. Many of Snow's other reports can be found using the search form at the bottom of this page.

Indie Reader
"Courts Rule Scanning and Searching of Digital Books Legal (Again)">
(June 2014)

Huffington Post
"Would you Read a 'Cell Phone Novel'?"
(May 2014)

"Self-Pub Books Recognised in Competition"
(April 2014)

Indie Reader
"Nook's Goose Cooked?"
(February 2014)

Huffington Post
"Could Big Box Bookstore Struggles Strengthen Indie Bookshops?"
(December 2013)

Indie Reader
"What's New at Amazon?" (New Promotional Programs for Indie Authors)
(November 2013)

Nonfiction Authors Association
"Bezos Buzz Befuddling -- or is it? Amazon CEO Purchases Washington Post"
(August-September 2013)

Charlotte Observer (NC, USA)
"[DIY Author] is Making Millions Online..."
(May 2013)

Publishers Weekly
"Nook Press: Promising New Self-Publishing Option"
(April 2013)

Publishers Weekly
"Update on Amazon e-Book Borrowing"
(February 2013)

Publishers Weekly
"Lulu Drops DRM for e-Books"
(January 2013)

Society for New Communciations Research
"Electronic Publishing: The Year 2012 in Review" (December 2012 - January 2013)

Publishers Weekly
"Barnes & Noble Launches 'PubIt!' in the UK" (November-December 2012)

Publishers Weekly
"Digital Printing in 2012" (October 2012)

Publishers Weekly
"Amazon Starts Author Ranking Feature" (October 2012)

The Independent
(Award-winning magazine of the Independent Book Publishers Ass'n)
"e-Book Eating Habits" (April 2012)

Publishers Weekly
"e-Book Boom Boosts Self-Publishers: Digital editions add to the segment's explosive growth" (January 2012)

Society for New Communications Research
"e-Publishing Poised to Break Records (Again) in 2012" (October-November 2011)

Publishers Weekly
"BEA 2011: Second DIY Conference Celebrates Growth, Addresses Challenges" (May-June 2011)

PW London Fair Dealer
"Going Global" (April 2011, see page 14)

The New Communications Review
"The Digital Dam Breaks: 2010 in Review" (January 2011)

Copyright Clearance Center's Beyond the Book Podcast
"Debunking the e-Book Hype" (January-February 2010)

Digital Book Printing for Dummies™ (Wiley & Sons and BISG)
"Dynamic POD" (December 2009)

The SPAN Connection
"Mythconceptions: A Reality Check on e-Books from the Publisher's POV" (November 2009)

SNCR Research Brief
"Publishing at the Tipping Point" (May 2009)

Book Business Magazine
"Navigating the Digital Landscape..." (March 2009)

"Social Media Connect People Online" (August 2008)

NewComm Forum
"The Peristence of Paper in the Digital Age" (April 2008)

The Guardian
(London-Manchester, U.K.)
"Self-Publishing Boom Challenging Old Order" (February, 2008)

The New Communications Review
"On the Evolution of Content" (December, 2007)

Book Summit: Danny O. Snow's View
"Industry Leaders Discussing the Future of Publishing in a Flat World"

BookTech: The Magazine for Publishers
"Print-on-Demand: The Best Bridge Between Established Markets and New Technologies"

Ask Heloise
"Ten Tips for Self-Publishers"
(Talking points from national radio broadcast)

"On the Same Page"

National Public Radio
"Commentary on Electronic Publishing"
(Hear RealAudio sound byte of broadcast)

Many other reports are also available.
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