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In 2013, there has NEVER been a better time to self-publish a book.

Last year, 17 of Amazon's top 100 sellers were self-published.

CreateSpace (an Amazon company) now lets authors and publishers make "Print-on-Demand" paperbacks available not only in the U.S. -- but also in the U.K. and E.U. with manufacturing in Europe. This allows faster delivery and lower postage costs for readers, compared to printing books in the U.S. then shipping them abroad.

For this reason, we are proud to sponsor a special affiliate program with CreateSpace that allows you to upload your manuscript in PDF or Word format, select free cover art, then make the completed paperback available to millions of readers worldwide. There is no cost to enroll, and no charge to publish a paperback when you prepare the files yourself. Simply click on the image below learn more, and get extra benefits for participating in this affiliate program:

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

If you have moderate to strong computer skills, you really can self-publish a paperback with CreateSpace at NO cost whatsoever! For those with more limited technical skills (or limited time!) CreateSpace also offers a number of affordable packages to handle the techno-babble for you... but we believe that many writers will find they can prepare a very presentable paperback for publication entirely on their own.

There is NO cost whatsoever to become a CreateSpace member -- and if you join by clicking on the image above, you will also get special benefits such as a FREE copy of our handy guide that shows you how to prepare your manuscript for publication as a Kindle edition too. Simply e-mail a link to your completed book on CreateSpace to newsdesk at U-Publish dotcom and the guide is yours at absolutely no cost. To learn about additional benefits, simply click on the image above.

Thanks for contacting us about your book, and best wishes for your success in self-publishing it. Self-publishing has truly come of age in 2013. Join the revolution that is already underway!

P.S. For those who prefer to publish e-Books, click HERE to check out our free affiliate program for e-publishing on all major platforms.

Full Disclosure:

Unlimited Publishing LLC receives an $8 commission when you publish your book at CreateSpace through this program. The commission is paid by Amazon, not the author; it does NOT reduce your royalties by a single penny. In fact, you will actually SAVE money if you later decide to use CreateSpace's optional service to prepare a Kindle edition of your book, with a special discount for those who join CreateSpace through this special affiliate program. We are not a party to your publishing agreement(s) with CreateSpace and/or Amazon, and make no claim of copyright interest, technology patent or warranties of any kind.
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