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The Savvy Self-Publisher is a free newsletter sent by e-mail, with tips and tricks to help the streetwise author publish a book quickly and economically -- and to promote it more effectively. It contains success stories of self-publishers in action, and a treasure trove of tools to help you reach more readers.

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Book Expo America Goes Digital

At BEA 2007 (June 1-2 in NYC) publishers large and small focused
on e-publishing more than ever before.  More and more books are
now read on laptops, handheld PDAs, dedicated e-Book readers...
even cell phones and iPods!  Today's savvy author or publisher
can wring extra revenues from a print book by adding digital
editions.  Get co-author Dan Snow's BEA report (fr*e*) just
published by the "New Communications Review" on June 8:


BookSense Goes Electronic

On Tuesday, May 22, began giving consumers the
option of purchasing e-Books. Ingram Digital Ventures fulfills
e-Book orders in three formats -- Palm OS, Adobe, and Microsoft
Reader: is a Web site of the American Booksellers Ass'n,
where readers can support their local independent bookstores,
yet enjoy the convenience of a national online shopping network.


Amazon 'Used and New' Confusion Continues caused widespread protest from authors and publishers
when it started selling used books back in 2002, without paying
a penny to those who write and publish them.

As the Authors Guild summarized it, "Amazon's practice does
damage to the publishing industry, decreasing royalty payments
to authors and profits to publishers."

In subsequent years the situation grew worse, as Amazon combined
both 'used' and 'new' book offers from secondary sellers, adding
confusion to an already dubious policy.

For example, we have seen up to FIFTY offers of a 'used and new'
POD book, when only 25 copies were ever sold!  (Causing the author
to expect twice the actual royalties paid by the publisher.)

In fact, many of the so-called 'used and new' books are POD
books that DO NOT EXIST at the time a reader orders them.

Misleading listings like "In Stock -- Ships in 24 hours" or
"Used -- Like New" also frequently refer to POD books that will
not even be printed until orders are placed by readers.

The good news is that savvy authors and publishers can 'flip
the script' and make some of Amazon's policies work to their
advantage.  Read our book to learn more.


God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut!

Hi ho, fellow writers.  Kurt Vonnegut, author of Slaughterhouse-
Five, Breakfast of Champions and other literary icons of the late
20th century, died in April.  He might be called the conscience
of America, decrying the firebombing of Dresden in WWII and its
echoes in Vietnam.  Or dub him a pioneer of "gonzo fiction" in
which the author was a character.  Most of all, his books gave us
good reasons to treat fellow humans with kindness -- in spite of
the barbarity of many human institutions, the frequent ignorance
and narrow-mindedness of mankind, and a myriad of other human
weaknesses that he depicted with cunning accuracy hidden behind
a mask of innocence.

The body of his work formed a profound argument against war, and
his unique voice will be missed.  And so it goes...

Link above courtesy of Jim Barnes,


Fourth Edition Now Available:

The new 2007 edition of " 4.0" is out.  For a limited
time only, early adopters get a deep discount.  A single new tip
could save you MANY TIMES the cost of getting the latest edition.
Also watch for special customized editions from Independent
Publisher Online, and others who serve self-publishers!

From a recent review in Writers World: "I would recommend 4.0 to anyone who even thinks of writing and
publishing a book."

-- Maryanne Raphael, Writers World


Autograph copies of your book anywhere, from home!

Margaret Atwood is the president of Unotchit (you no touch it),
a company that has invented a remote control pen.  She sees it
as a cost saving device for publishers and a way for authors to
reach more fans and locations than is possible with the
traditional book tour:

-- Tip from Shel Horowitz,


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We do not accept paid advertising.  You may subscribe or un-
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Father's Day Poetry Contest

Win a pair of diamond cufflinks valued at $1,200.  No fee to
enter, no purchase required, poem must contain the word
'diamond' to qualify.  Deadline June 11:


Hard Times Writing Contest

First Prize $300.  Write about a difficult experience in your
life, how you overcame this obstacle, and how you were changed
by it.  Deadline July 30: or e-mail


Reminder: Special Edition to Support

Download a PDF copy of "Steal this e-Book?" or order a paperback
to support The Society for New Communications Research:

All profits will be donated to SNCR, a nonprofit global think
tank dedicated to the advanced study of new communications
tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication, and
their effect on traditional media, professional communications,
business, culture and society.

For more information, e-mail


The items above are EXCERPTS from our latest newsletter. Click HERE to get the FULL newsletter by e-mail, free of charge.

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