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The Savvy Self-Publisher is a free newsletter sent by e-mail, with tips and tricks to help the streetwise author publish a book quickly and economically -- and to promote it more effectively. It contains success stories of self-publishers in action, and a treasure trove of tools to help you reach more readers.

Please click HERE for a free subscription. Please note: the excerpts below are intentionally formatted very simply, as they appear in our no-nonsense e-mail bulletins. For a more sophisticated appearance, please visit our blog at

*** BEA Buzz ***

BookExpo America, the nation's largest annual book trade show,
will be held this year at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
in New York from Thursday, June 2, through Sunday, June 5:


*** Self-Publishing Versus Vanity Publishing ***

Letter from co-author Danny O. Snow to the New York Times,
April 26, 2005:


*** Numbers Don't Lie ***

Co-author Dan Poynter's "Stat Bank" on books and publishing:


*** Xerox and Sponsor New Contest ***

Aspiring writers can win up to $5,000 and f*r*e*e copies of
their books in a hot new contest:

Deadline July 1.  They will print and bind a copy of your book,
just for submitting!


*** DYI Content Adds New Awards ***

The 2005 DIY Book Festival will add best unpublished/published
short story and teenage literature awards.  Deadline Sept. 25:

Please feel free to forward copies of this bulletin to your
fellow authors and publishers.  This is a free service that is
available to anyone in the book world upon request.  We don't
endorse specific products or services, and we do not accept
advertising.  You may subscribe or un-subscribe at any time.

*** New Site for Comparing Bookseller Prices ***

A new site at shows your book's
listings from several booksellers, with pricing comparisons.
It can be useful for self-publishers to track their books in
the marketplace.

It also shows the best price for buying several books together.
Readers can save money when they order more than one book at a
time.  If you publish more than one book, could be a bonus.

Check out their featured books in May: "" and
"The Self-Publishing Manual" can be ordered together for extra


*** AmSAW Update ***

The American Society of Authors and Writers helps writers find
editors and publishers seeking new books, locate producers
looking for new stories to turn into films, meet literary agents,
find new markets, showcase books before they're published, and
promote them afterward:


*** Reminder: Promotion Resources Updated ***

Extensive resources for book promotion, as referenced on page
91 of the 2005 edition, have been updated.  If you haven't yet
read the new edition of "," please consider re-
questing ISBN 1-58832-989-5 at your local library, or order at
bookstores, online, etc.:


*** Reminder: F-R-E-E Voicemail and Fax ***

Get a voicemail number at that forwards
faxes and voice messages to you by e-mail at NO cost.  (We use
it, and it really is completely f*r*e*e of charge.)

Retrieve faxes and voicemails online from any location in the
world... a feature that is especially helpful for overseas
authors who want a U.S. presence.

Or get a toll-free number at for as
little as $2 per month plus seven cents per minute.

These services protect your privacy, while making it easier for
the public to reach you.


*** Reminder: "Talking Book" Now Available *** has released a "talking book" of, now
available on CD or for broadband download:

They are actively seeking a few top-quality non-fiction books
from other authors, for conversion from text to speech.

An ecomonical alternative to audiotapes or braille, text-to-
speech technology makes books accessible to visually impaired
readers.  Many can also be downloaded like a e-book from places
where it is costly to ship printed books.


*** Reminder: Support MBR, as MBR Supports You ***

Thank goodness for the Midwest Book Review: an outlet that not
only reviews books from independents, but favors them! Veteran
editor Jim Cox has worked tirelessly for years, supporting the
small press community and scores of self-publishing authors.
MBR does not accept cash donations, to avoid any conflict of
interest. But their bylaws have recently been amended to allow
donations of postage stamps, which offset their costs in getting
the word out about independently published books.

Please join us in sending your "stamp of approval" to:

Midwest Book Review 
278 Orchard Drive
Oregon, WI 53575


*** Reminder: More Opportunities to Get Your Name in Print ***

Poynter and Snow are receiving a growing number of inquiries
from journalists and authors who want essays and interviews
by writers like you, for possible publication.

To save space here, new invitations for you to submit your
story will be posted at the following Web location each month:

Check out the specific requests at the link above, and respond
to those best suited to your expertise and personal situation.
Getting your name in print is always a plus.  It's well worth
the time to review the invitations each month. We hope this
helps you gain more public exposure for your book(s)!

If YOU need interviews or essays for your own work, send your
request to with "Stories Wanted"
in the subject line.  PLEASE limit requests to 50 words.


*** Quotation of the Month ***

"I'd review Dan Poynter's laundry list if he were to publish
it!  :-)"

-- The Jim Cox Report, May 2005


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