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The Savvy Self-Publisher is a free newsletter sent by e-mail, with tips and tricks to help the streetwise author publish a book quickly and economically -- and to promote it more effectively. It contains success stories of self-publishers in action, and a treasure trove of tools to help you reach more readers.

Please click HERE for a free subscription. Please note: the excerpts below are intentionally formatted very simply, as they appear in our no-nonsense e-mail bulletins. For a more sophisticated appearance, please visit our blog at

*** Advance Copies of New Edition for Subscribers Only ***

Advance copies of the upcoming 2005 edition of our book will
be available exclusively to subscribers starting next month,
with public release to follow in January.  As an additional
gesture of appreciation to newsletter subscribers, those who
place advance orders will get a BIG discount, well below the
public price.  To reserve a copy, e-mail
by November 15.


*** "Google Print" to Challenge Amazon ***

A promising announcement from the Internet's leading portal may
provide authors and publishers with a better option than Amazon:

Remember that Google's IPO in August has generated huge amounts
of cash to develop new services, in addition to its already superior
traffic and solid technical resources.


*** POD Controversy Continues ***

The October 1 issue of co-author Dan Poynter's e-zine covered
major changes in POD book distribution, picked up by Publishers
Weekly: Ingram, the largest POD book distributor, announced it
would stop keeping even one or two copies of most POD titles on
hand.  As a result, retailers would show slow delivery, and less
availability, going into the crucial holiday season just ahead.

Fortunately, Ingram's POD printer, LightningSource, has announced
that it will provide the minimum book or two needed to ease the
problem, during a transition period into early 2005:

In theory, the concept of printing books only after they are
ordered by consumers remains an exciting model for the future
of publishing.  Here at we have seen many real-
life demonstrations that LSI can dependably ship paperbacks to
retailers within a day or two of receiving orders.

The remaining challenge is for Ingram and LSI to convince
major retailers to report realistic delivery times to consumers,
without delays and surcharges that can cripple sales.

We will be watching the response of retailers closely during the
transition period, and will report developments in future issues
of this newsletter.


*** Free Newsletter on Writing Tightly ***

"Our service goes beyond mere corrections of grammar or style,"
says a recent e-mail.  "We offer caring and enthusiastic writing
support -- we want you to succeed.  Check out our new contests
and Write Tight Tips, our free newsletter for writers."  FMI: 


Please feel free to forward copies of this bulletin to your
fellow authors and publishers.  This is a free service that is
available to anyone in the book world upon request.  We don't
endorse specific products or services, and we do not accept
advertising.  You may subscribe or un-subscribe at any time.


*** Call for Book Summaries and Author Bios ***

Authors, publishers and publicists interested in promoting books
can contact Janet Coleman at


*** Forum for Publishers ***

Open discussion of any and all issues affecting publishers.
Publisher's Forum was started in 1997, in response to a need for
an uncensored venue where publishers could discuss issues of
importance to them and their industry:

Tip courtesy of Jim Barnes, Independent Publisher Online


*** "Best Books 2004" Awards ***

Deadline extended but all books must be delivered by 10/20/04!

For details about prizes, categories, fees:


*** Stephen King's e-Book #1 ***

Stephen King's novel "The Dark Tower" captured the top spot on
the September e-Book Bestseller List, knocking runaway bestseller
"The Da Vinci Code" off its perch, according to the Open e-Book
Forum's September e-Book Bestseller List:


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