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The Savvy Self-Publisher is a free newsletter sent by e-mail, with tips and tricks to help the streetwise author publish a book quickly and economically -- and to promote it more effectively. It contains success stories of self-publishers in action, and a treasure trove of tools to help you reach more readers.

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*** Help the "Hurricane Heroes" ***

Shelly Williams is starting a book that will honor those who
responded to Hurricane Katrina survivors with love, compassion
and generosity.  She needs stories quickly, to complete the book.
Once the book has been completed 100 percent of the profits will
go to the American Red Cross.  To submit a story, please e-mail -- and please invite others to
submit.  All contributors will be acknowledged in the book
and receive a copy.


*** Choose an Effective Title and Subject ***

In his popular book "Writing Non-Fiction," co-author Dan Poynter
reminds us that the first word of a book's title should match the
subject category, for better listings in databases and catalogs.

The Book Industry Study Group has newly posted its updated
subject categories online:

Before you choose a title, browse BISG.ORG ... and read "Writing
Nonfiction" for many more tips on choosing a title that gets
your book more visibility.


*** Low Cost e-Books for Writers ***

In Sept-Oct only, PDF e-Books for writers are available at
special prices (as low as zero!) to subscribers of this
newsletter, courtesy of


*** The Outside Sells the Inside ***

Why hire a book cover design specialist?  Studies indicate that
on average, potential buyers spend 8 seconds looking at your
front cover and 15 seconds looking at the back before they make
a buying decision.

Professional book cover designers know about all the details
that make or break a book cover-such as the emotion of color,
the power of typography, the importance of the spine, the
technical requirements of a bar code, and the intricacies of
book printer specifications.

Don't be misled into a "cheap and fast" route, only to be told
by your distributor that in order to be accepted you must have
your book reprinted after your book cover is redone by a pro.
Their experience will save you time and money.

-- Ron "Hobie" Hobart,


Please feel free to forward copies of this bulletin to your
fellow authors and publishers.  This is a free resource that is
available to anyone in the book world upon request.  We don't
endorse specific products or services, and we do not accept
advertising.  You may subscribe or un-subscribe at any time.


*** Whet the Appetites of Readers with Low-Cost e-Books ***

"Go sell appetizers to entice your audience to move on to the
main course," says Chris Willitts:


*** College Students Favor e-Books, Librarians Listen ***


*** Book Competition for Authors ***

The "Fresh Voices 2006 Book Awards" are exclusively for
unpublished and self-published authors who would like to gain
additional exposure to thousands of agents and publishers
throughout the United States.  Sponsored by the Writer's
Marketing Association.  Details:


*** Just for Fun: A Poynter-Snow Glossary ***

e-Book: electronic book, usually in PDF or LIT format, not to
be confused with "e-Book Reader," denoting both hardware and
software used to read e-Books.

tree-Book (or p-Book): a conventional book, printed on paper.

a-Book: audio book, such as "Books on Tape" (or CD) and audio
files in various formats such as  MP3 that can be downloaded
from the Web.

t-Book: talking book, similar to an a-book, but using computer
synthesized "text-to-speech" (T2S) rather than human voices.


*** Reminder: Book Summit, September 29 ***

"Industry Leaders Discussing the Future of Publishing in a Flat
World" is the theme of a new event to be held in Valley Forge
on September 29.  It will bring together the visionaries of
modern book publishing to discuss production, promotion, and
the challenges faced in the digital industry:

Several guests, including Poynter and Snow, have posted
advance commentary:


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