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SMARTiBOOKS™ -- The Smarter Way to Publish an e-Book:
Easy e-Book Publishing for the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Droid and other devices!

  • No startup fees
  • We handle all the technical work -- not you
  • Your book becomes available to read on all leading e-Book devices
  • We handle setup and paperwork with booksellers -- not you
  • Finished e-Book looks more polished than those from "Do it Yourself" services
  • You retain all rights and creative control
  • You set the price
  • You are paid 35% of each sale

    Are you one of thousands of authors and publishers today who recognize that e-Book publishing is the wave of the future... but feel frustration from technical complications, up-front costs, paperwork required by retailers and so forth?

    Do you write well, but have limited computer skills?

    Are you too busy to fiddle with submitting separately to Amazon, Android, Apple, Barnes and Noble and other e-Booksellers?

    Have you tried "Do it Yourself" e-Book publishing sites, but found that it takes many attempts to make the completed e-Book look good?

    Or perhaps you have a promising but unproven new manuscript, and want to test the market before investing in print publication... while retaining creative control and rights?

    Or maybe you work in a genre that is not ideal for commerical trade book publishing: fiction, poetry, short stories, photography, drawing, etc.?

    Or do you simply want to try a cool new technology for sharing your creativity with people around the world?

    If so, keep reading for an exciting new solution that requires NO up-front investment, minimal technical hassle, and gives you a slick new way to make your work available to millions worldwide... and growing!

    "SmartiBooks"™ Make e-Publishing Easy, Fast and Free!

    A promising new solution for delivery of e-Books to the iPad-iPhone, Droid, Kindle, etc. is now available from, through a special affiliate program, courtesy of Unlimited Publishing LLC. It's easy to use:

  • Use the link at the bottom of this page to open a free account. Be sure to use the special affiliate code BEYOND2012 to get the highest payout (35%) available from AppsPublisher. (If you do not use the promotional code, your payout will be 30%.) You will need a Paypal account for the developer to pay your royalties. After signing up, you will receive a prompt confirmation with a username and password.

  • Log in and submit your material. Please click HERE for step-by-step instructions. The submission process normally takes less than half an hour.

  • Your book will be converted for a variety of e-reading devices, with the ability to search, enlarge type size, insert notes (voice or text), read at night with backlighting, and many other useful features. Click HERE to view a video of a real SmartiBook in action. No audio; but please allow 60-90 seconds to load.

  • About two weeks after completion, the new e-book will become available for the public to buy. You set the price and may change it at any time. Your royalty is 35%.

  • About 90 days after your royalties total $20 or more, you are paid via Paypal, less a one-time processing fee of $5. (The fee is deducted only from the first payment for each e-Book title submitted. It does NOT recur thereafter.)

  • Concerned about eroding print sales? On the contrary, our early research suggests that many e-Book buyers will use SmartiBooks as low-cost "previews" before ordering in print. Be sure to include a Web location in your e-Book, where the public can order a printed copy!

  • This program is NOT limited to larger publishers or "name" authors. It is open to any author or publisher who wants to start e-publishing without a lot of technical hassle, up-front expense or paperwork.

  • Unlike other programs that are limited to US markets only, this one makes e-Books available to readers worldwide.

  • It isn't limited to single-purpose e-Book reading devices. It offers authors and publishers a chance to reach MILLIONS of people worldwide who already use tablet computers and smartphones, with millions more added each year, hungry for content to download.

    To self-publish an e-Book, please click HERE to enroll,
    using BEYOND2012 as the affiliate code for an extra 5% payout.

    To self-publish a paperback, please click HERE.

    Compare the SmartiBooks program with "Do it Yourself" e-publishing sites: Here, we handle the technobabble for you. Elsewhere you may need to upload your book, painstakingly fix formatting problems, upload again, tweak again... on and on. Or you may need to pay $50 to $5000 (or more!) for file conversions, depending on the complexity of your book. (Beware: sometimes the "Basic" rate for file conversions applies only to the easiest possible conversions, and can quickly bloat up to hundreds of dollars.) Finally, some "DIY" e-Books from other sources are more vulnerable to piracy than SmartiBooks. Here, we handle the technical "heavy lifting" for you; the finished book is slick, and more secure than e-Books from some competitors. It costs you nothing to submit a book using the code above, and see the results for yourself.

    Nonprofit groups that serve writers may contact to establish their own affilate programs.

    Looking to the Future:

    e-Book publishing is growing rapidly. Many experts predict that retail sales of e-Books will exceed $9 BILLION PER YEAR by 2016.

    The Kindle and the iPad are wildly popular, and the Nook is has recently expanded to the UK. In addition, more than 100 million consumers use smartphones like the iPhone and Android... SmartiBooks can be read on all leading devices, including both tablets and smartphones.

    For these reasons, it is virtually certain that e-Books will play a growing role in the years ahead. But the foresighted publisher can get started today, with remarkable ease and economy, with this exciting new affiliate program for mobile publishing, courtesy of Unlimited Publishing LLC.

    Full Disclosure:

    Unlimited Publishing receives a 5% commission from the developer from each e-Book sold under this program. This does NOT reduce your revenue one cent. (In fact, you are paid an extra 5% by using the special affiliate code provided above.) UP is not a party to your publishing agreement with AppsPublisher, and makes no claim of copyright interest, technology patent or warranties of any kind.
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